Today Claudia Castro Luna, author of This City and Seattle Civic Poet, has both a poem and a blog post at The Seattle Review of Books about the experience of being an immigrant.  Thank you, Claudia, for speaking so boldly and loudly.  Check out both her poem and blog post at The Seattle Review of Books.

From its dawning where did the majority of this country’s population come from? Where did it come from?

from “Am I not an immigrant?” 

To immigrate is a form of death. No one leaves what they know and love gleefully. In my family’s case, my parents left everything they had: brothers, sisters, friends, possessions, jobs, culture, language, the safety of the familiar, to give their daughter’s a chance at life. Literally they sought an opportunity to save us…

from “El Salvador: America Offers One Family The Chance To Forget Fears

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