Floating Bridge Press is a nonprofit literary arts organization that has thrived for 18 years partially because of the generosity of donors (like you?). In the current economic climate, grant funds are harder to obtain and even our most stalwart funders have less to give, so individual donations are more important than ever.

We are 100% volunteer-run and community-supported, and your tax-deductible contributions are extremely helpful and welcome. Thank you for contributing what you can so that we can bring you more poetry.





Other Amount

$50 Pledge $10 a month

$100 Pledge $10 a month

$500 Pledge $15 a month

If you prefer, mail us a check payable to “Floating Bridge Press” and marked “Donation”:

Floating Bridge Press
909 NE 43rd Street, #205
Seattle, WA 98105

If you need to cancel your pledge to Floating Bridge Press, please contact us at floatingbridgepress@yahoo.com.

Again, thanks!