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cup_lg11The Cupboard Artist by Molly Tenenbaum

“These densely imagistic poems are no stream of consciousness, but instead a stream of conflicting desires. Molly Tenenbaum presents us with food and flesh and the hunger that comes from wanting them even as you hold them in your hands-in such a richly populated world of things, she gives us true longing. While the possibilities are endless—say this, say that, ‘Say he never came back. Would you still / love to be alone?’—the woman, that held-at-a-distance ‘her,’ that these poems turn their gaze on can’t decide how to embrace the incompletion of desire. And so we join her in the pleasures of hunger, like the bees, ‘confused, so much air / between them and the flowers.’” —Keetje Kuipers

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