Author: Dennis Caswell
Year: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-930446-32-8
Pages: 90

We’re delighted to publish Dennis Caswell’s first full-length manuscript,Phlogiston.

“The poems of Phlogiston are brimful with humor, intelligence, love of language, pop culture references, science factoids, and sexiness. I admire the deft blending of such cosmological, political, and religious oddities as ‘we pull back the future’s endless undies.’ And this joyful hilarity is balanced by a deeply personal and thoughtful poignancy in poems to a distant father, an aunt, Emily Dickinson (in anagrams), his mother. ‘… if our deaths are like stars that blew up ages ago, and we’re just waiting until the light gets here …’ these poems are gleefully lighting the way. –Peter Pereira

“Three titles from this book: ‘Jesus Slaves,’ ‘Fan Mail from Some Flounder,’ and ‘Richard Nixon’s Love Letters.’ Three lines: ‘And when the aliens come, / I want to be the one they pick / to explain model railroads and curling.’ Now moving, now funny, now both; but always quirky, Dennis Caswell reminds us that poetry thrives on surprise.–Jack McCarthy