The Former St. Christopher




Author: Michael Bonacci, Winner of the 2004 Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Competition
Year: 2004
ISBN: 1-930446-09-8
Pages: 32

Michael Bonacci received his MFA in creative writing from Vermont College. Besides writing poetry, he enjoys adapting historical documents for the stage and has had several plays produced in New York, Minneapolis, and Seattle. He is a former Anglican priest, and he also lived and studied at a Benedictine monastery and Buddhist zendo. After managing several nonprofit organizations in the Midwest and Seattle, he moved to the Skagit Valley in northern Washington, and now lives with his partner, David Bricka, near the Cultus Mountains.

Read “A Ten Year Journey—Michael Bonacci” about the origins of this chapbook.

The Church declared St. Christopher more myth than reality, but tradition is so much more enduring than authority — and so he continues to hoist us up, protecting us on our many and varied journeys. For these journeys can be perilous. Anyone who has cared for a loved one through a terminal illness knows that sometimes it is all too much — and so we call upon our saints and build little altars of memories and glimpses of who we have lost, and who we were as caregivers or parents or friends. Even without the assistance of faith, we learn to bear one another’s burdens, our words a way of ensuring — not immortality for those who have died — but a familiarity and communion that endures in the telling.