Hello! We are currently closed to submissions, but we have plenty for you to read until we announce our 2017 Chapbook Competition Winner and re-open our submissions in November. Stay tuned by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Chapbook Competition

Floating Bridge Press’s Poetry Chapbook Competition began in 1995 with the publication of Joannie Kervran’s A Steady Longing for Flight. Our annual competition is an open competition for Washington State poets in which manuscripts are judged anonymously.

The winning poet receives a minimum of $500, 15 copies of a perfect-bound, archival-quality chapbook, local promotion, distribution of the chapbook, and a featured reading in the Seattle area. Three or four finalists receive $50 each and are also featured at the winner’s reading. In 2015 and 2016 we published 2 finalist’s chapbooks along with the winning chapbook.

All entrants are considered for inclusion in Pontoon Poetry and receive a copy of the winning chapbook.  All poems chosen for Pontoon Poetry are considered for the Paula Jones Gardiner Memorial Award.

Stay tuned for our next submission dates by following us on Twitter and Facebook.  We look forward to reading your work!

Chapbook Competition Submission Guidelines

Floating Bridge Press reads manuscripts for our Chapbook Competition from November 1st to March 15th.  Here are a few guidelines to make your job (and let’s be honest, our job) a little easier:

*We read and judge all submissions completely blind, so please make sure not to include your name or any identifying information in your manuscript.  We also don’t need a bio or acknowledgements of publication with your submission, so save yourself some time and leave them off this submission.

*We accept manuscripts from Washington State (USA) residents only.

*Our reading fee is $13.00 and includes a copy of the winning chapbook.

*Simultaneous submissions are cool with us, but please withdraw your manuscript should it find a home elsewhere (we will celebrate with you)! Individual poems may have been previously published.

*We accept chapbook manuscripts of 20-30 pages of poetry.

*Please include a title page (make sure to leave your name off of this) and a paginated table of contents.  The editors prefer 12 point font, if you are interested in making us smile.

*File formats we accept are: text files (.txt), Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx), and Adobe PDF files (.pdf). Name your file with the first few words of your manuscript’s title.

We look forward to reading your work! Every poem will be considered for inclusion in our sister publication Pontoon Poetry and for the Paula Jones Gardiner Memorial Award.

Thanks for trusting us with your work!

-The Editors


We are seeking photographs to accompany poems for our sister site, Pontoon Poetry.  Occasionally we will request to use a photograph for our main website. Please submit up to 50 photographs, in JPEG format, titled individually. Simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged, but if individual photographs are accepted elsewhere please write a note in Submittable.

Our response time is between 2-4 months. We look forward to reviewing your work.