Author: Nancy Pagh, Winner of the 2008 Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Competition
Year: 2008
ISBN: 78-1-930446-19-9
Pages: 42

Nancy Pagh teaches English and Canadian Studies at Western Washington University. She lives in Bellingham. Her first book, No Sweeter Fat, won the 2006 Autumn House Poetry Prize.

“Nancy Pagh is that rare poet who can combine the intensely personal with impeccable craft and aesthetic distance. The taut energy and honesty of these poems break your heart. The tribute Pagh pays to other poets and the sophisticated skills she applies to every line make you shiver with delight. These are poems to treasure.” —Lorna Crozier, author of The Blue Hour of the Day: Selected Poems.

After is the perfect title for this book: Pagh pays homage to the poets her poems are modeled after, while construing gestures and images that are completely faithful to what she has lived and loved. She enacts a dazzling union between the concept that shapes the poems and the human experience that energizes them. This is a completely satisfying book.” —James Bertolino, author of Snail River.